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Women's Healthcare and Women's Doctors

Women's Doctor aka Gynaecologist & Obstetrician .

The usual specialists degree in women's health is bracketed under Gynaecologist and Obstetrician which are too hard to type out without typos and dictionary . I always just use the common language word Women's Doctor.

A lot of common ailments are addressed by General Physicians. However, a lot of women will still generally prefer going to Women's Doctor for even common ailments like flu, fever, cough, general body pain. This website will cover some aspects of these common ailments and greater focus will be however related to Gynaecologist and Obstetrician topics.

I will research and blog to offer information across

1. Pregnancy Care

2. Cancer Screening

3. Minimised Pain Delivery

4. Fibroid treatment

5. PCOS treatment

6. Myomectomy

7. Laparoscopy use in Women's healthcare

8. Hysterectomy

9. Ovarian Cyst

10. Infertility treatment.

11. Irregularity in monthly periods,

12. White Discharge (leucorrhea)

13. Pap's Smear/Cervical Cancer Vaccine

14. Painless Pregnancy Abortion

15. Normal Delivery and C-Section Operation

16. Family Planning (Copper-T, Medicines, Injection)

17. Women's Medical Insurance

18. Science and Startups in Women's Healthcare.

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